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What is a DT education?

Education is fundamental to the Diversional Therapist, its education and experience that makes for the proficient therapist practitioner

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Employment areas

Diversional and Recreational Therapists work in many areas of the community. Eg. Public and private hospitals, residential care facilities, rehabilitation centres and many more.

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“Two heads are better than one”. The result of a symbiotic collaboration between NSDRT Inc. and other associations/organisations provide a unique benefit for both parties and thus strengthening programs and projects.

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Our History

The society has a long and successful history. Starting in the late 1980’s progressing from small local meetings of individuals from various rest homes and institutions, becoming a professional body actively involved in the education and development of the Diversional Therapy within New Zealand.

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Standards of Practice of NZSDRT

Diversional Therapists are accountable for their practice with the Consumer in a supportive environment.

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Code of Ethics NZSDRT

The individual Diversional Therapist is expected to achieve the highest standards of conduct and ideals of service in this caring profession, by observing the principles of the ethical code of the profession.

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Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life of the people in our care, through Diversional Therapy.
Ki te whakapiki I tekounga oranga o ngä tängata kei a mätou e Manaaki ana mä te haumanu kanorau