Jezka Birondo

National Conference Liaison

I am Jezka Tan Birondo. I am the only daughter in our family; I have two brothers.

My father is a retired seafarer and my mother is a housewife. I am married to a John who is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and we have one daughter name Jazmine Faith. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am a Roman Catholic. I have a Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

After I arrived in New Zealand, I gained qualifications in Health and wellbeing and worked as an HCA for two years. Management noticed my potential in becoming a DRT so I was given the opportunity to study DRT. I am now working as a DRTh with the same company, which I’ve worked now for nearly seven years. My long-term goal is to be able to gain more experience in this field and to contribute to the betterment of my workplace, society and this organization. I am self-motivated, dynamic and disciplined soul. I am always keen to upskill myself by learning new things whenever I get a chance. I also have a strong portfolio of advance technology research implementation. My strengths are my analytical approach, my human touch to the situations, my appreciable communication, and presentation skills. I believe upon being realistic. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, sometimes cooking/baking, listening to music, karaoke, dancing, reading, traveling, and learning video editing. I am passionately committed to share and use my talents and skills to come up with an excellent result.


National Conference

Public Awareness


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