Membership To The Society

There are many benefits when becoming a member of NZSDRT Inc.

Why and how to Join the NZSDRT Inc.?

To join you need to fill in the Membership form.

For more specific detail on how to join, please contact our Treasurer by email as soon as you can. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our big NZSDRT Inc. family.

Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits of membership include but are not limited to the following (Nationally and Internationally):

  • Ongoing Peer Support
  • Access to Professional Development Days
  • Access to Regional Support Groups Meetings
  • Access to Local Seminars and Forums
  • Access to National and International Conferences
  • Meeting other DRTs in NZ and overseas
  • National and International Networking opportunities to discuss ideas and concepts
  • Advice on current NZ qualifications specific to our field
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media updates
  • Website – Members Login
  • Webinars
  • Pathway to gain National Registration to practice Diversional and Recreational Therapy

NZSDRT Inc. is committed to providing a professional service while meeting all ethical and
statutory requirements. We also recognize the need to provide direction and guidance to
educate and empower DRTs in their work practices.

Membership Application

Please note that new membership applications are accepted at the discretion of the
Executive Board.

Apply Online

Request Form

Current Types of Memberships

Full Membership

$86.25 Inc. GST

** Excerpt from the constitution:  6.1  Full membership, subject to that member being accepted pursuant to Article 6.4, of the Society shall be open to: a) Qualified individuals currently working in the field of Diversional and Recreational Therapy; and b) Managers, Academics or other qualified persons in Leadership Positions responsible for Diversional and Recreational Therapy programmes, community workers, tutors, field officers and others working in the field of Diversional and Recreational Therapy. Full Membership is open to individuals currently employed in the field of Diversional Therapy. This includes Diversional Therapists, Motivation Therapists, Activities or Recreation Officers, Assistant Diversional Therapists, Occupational Therapy Aides. ONLY Full Members are entitled to vote.

Associate Membership

$86.25 Inc. GST

Associate Membership is open to Students, Volunteers, Facilities Managers and other
interested parties who wish to belong to the Society and are not currently employed as
a Diversional Therapist. Associate Members are NOT eligible to vote.

Friend of the Society

$17.25 Inc. GST

Remaining a Friend of the Society is open to past Members who have resigned or retired
but would like to maintain their interest and contact with current information and events.
Friend of the Society entitles you to receive quarterly Newsletters. Friends of the
Society are not eligible to vote.


  1. Apply online or fill in the form. You must email the form directly to the
    Membership email.
  2. Pay the applicable Membership Fee to the NZSDRT Inc. account 03 1559 0022619
    00 (please use first and last name as your reference). If payment is not received in 7
    days, the application will be cancelled.
  3. The Membership Executive receives your application and acknowledges this through
  4. The Membership Executive confirms your fee payment and will process your New
    Membership Number.
  5. The Website master confirms your new Website Login details.
  6. You will receive an email of confirmation regarding your new Membership Status
    and your logins to the website.
  7. A Membership Badge will be sent via post to your personal address.
    The full process takes between 2 -3 weeks approximately


• Any Member wishing to resign shall give NOTICE IN WRITING to the Secretary
as per the Constitution.
• Non-payment of fees does not constitute a resignation.
• A Member is liable for Membership fees up to the end of the
financial year in which notice of resignation is received
The NZSDRT Inc. financial year begins on 1st July each year.
Important – We strongly recommend that you apply online