What is a Diversional and Recreational Therapist?

That’s the one million dollar question that we -Diversional Therapists- face on daily basis.

Diversional Therapists across New Zealand go above and beyond when supporting the people in their care, through unique and meaningful recreational programs.

We believe that every single person has a huge potential regardless of their age or ability and we do our very best to create joyful engagement for the people in our care.

A Diversional Therapist is the person who creates and facilitates greater opportunities for social interactions.

A Diversional Therapist is the soul of every workplace, is the person who keeps a smile against all odds.

A Diversional Therapist promotes inclusion, cohesion, and wellbeing and enriches people’s lives.

A Diversional Therapist is a very special kind of human, is a light in the darkness and the rainbow after the storm.

Diversional Therapists play one of the most important roles in today’s society. We are the storytellers, the healers, the lovers and the peacemakers.

We are the people changing the culture of care!

So next time, someone ask you; what is a Diversional Therapist? Stand tall and proud, smile at them and let them know how you are changing the world in which we live today.

With lots of love to all the amazing Diversional Therapists across New Zealand,

NZSDRT Inc. National Executive and Registration Boards.

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