The Meaning of the NZSDT, Inc. Logo

New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists logo is unique within the worldwide Diversional Therapists community and is proudly displayed on each page of the website and on the badge.

For the official meaning of the Logo read the Society History PDF below. A logo is generally a pictorial representation or identifier of an institution, company or service. It is always difficult to give expression to an idea, more so for one that reflects care and service within a community. A community with the desire to strive for the very best of outcomes for clients.

The tree has through the ages, come to symbolise the thoughts and emotions involved with families, life, strength and shelter. A tree is naturally bathed in sunlight, watered, cultivated, developed and grows. All these elements are reflected and combined within the professional work of the Diversional Therapist. We strive to provide the services and activities to improve the quality of life for clients of all ages in our care.


Society History
The society has a long and successful history. Starting in the late 1980’s progressing from small local meetings of individuals from various rest homes and institutions, becoming a professional body actively involved in the education and development of the Diversional Therapy within New Zealand. The full history is contained in the PDF for downloading.  Click HERE to read about the society history.

Membership Handbook

For details of the society’s History and the official meaning of the Logo select History.

The information contained in the Handbook is copyright to NZSDRT Inc. and is subject to ongoing improvement and change.